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Batman is equipped with a vast array of specialised suits in The LEGO Batman Movie, two of which are included in 30607 Disco Batman - Tears of Batman.



The Disco Batman suit allows the Caped Crusader to infiltrate dance clubs with ease so appears to have limited applications, although it may be useful when facing the villainous Music Meister. The printing on the torso recalls the fashion of the 1970s, featuring a white jacket with a flared collar and purple trim as well as a bat-shaped necklace. An area of exposed skin reveals some hair on Batman's chest and he wears a purple utility belt which only appears in two other sets.


The Tears of Batman minifigure is named after the 1970 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles hit 'Tears of a Clown' and is accordingly designed to resemble a clown. This conflicts with Batman's typically dour personality but would be perfect for covert operations around the Joker. Its bright colour scheme makes it stand out among the other Batsuits and I like the red cowl very much, particularly since it has not appeared in this colour before.


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