Inner depth 4 cm. 1.6 in.
Lego Minifigures Display Frame  Lego Tron Legacy Minifigures

Tron Legacy Small Display Frame

Frame for Lego® Tron Legacy Minifigures


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Small Display Frame

for 003 Lego Minifigures

The new Small Display Frame is designed to fit all collectors needs. With the same layout format, extra 4 cm. 1.6 in. depth to all your Lego Minifigures, lower thickness and a 40% lighter framework, it offers the best solutions ever created in a Small format.

The ultimate solution for your Lego Tron Legacy Minifigures.

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New Lego Minifigures Display Frame small size
New Lego Minifigures Display Frame small size


The new Small Display Frame is designed to fit all collectors needs.
It offers the best solutions ever created in a Small format.
Lego Minifigures Display Frame

Improved Compact Frame Design

We've designed the new Small Display Frame to offer the best solution to put Minifigures Collections in a compact just 5 cm. 2 in. depth frame format. Learn more about Update Program

New design with 4 cm. 1.6 in. Inner Depth

We've increased the inner depth of the display to offer maximum space to all your collections

Suitable for large Minifigures

With an incredible inner depth the new Small Display Frame can house any special Minifigure and largest accessories

Built with Lego® bricks

As always, all of our Display Frames are handmade built with original Lego® bricks. This provides the best quality and adaptability for your Minifigures Collections

New Update Program

Customers can update their old Small Frames. The Update Program offers a new Small Display Frame that adapts to previous backgrounds.

HR Plexiglas Front

The new 18 mm. 0.70 in.. Plexiglas Front cover is highly resistant and offers the best protection to your Lego Minifigures

HR metallic clips

The new metallic clips can be opened and closed to change your Lego Minifigures almost infinite times

HR Backing Board

We've improved the quality of the backing board to offer a high resistant piece that lasts longer

New Hanger

With a compact design to perfect integration in your wall, the new hanger provides maximum adaptability to different types of screws

Stronger Framework and maximum protection

The new Small Display Frame has been conceived to be radically more durable and to offer the best protection for Lego Minifigures Collections.

Lego Minifigures Display Frame Components

Brand new design

Specially created for Lego Minifigures collectors. Designed by Minifigures Display in Barcelona

Unibody Moulding Frame

The frame is made in one piece of Solid Wood. This provides an easier access and improves its tightness

Improved tightness

The design of this new frame has been improved to protect minifigures even better against the dust

Lego Minifigures Display Frame

Made in Barcelona

The entire display is manufactured in Barcelona, with the best techniques and craftsmanship

FSC Certificate Solid Wood

The frame is built with Solid Wood, and it’s FSC certificated (Forest Stewardship Council)

Natural finish

The stronger framework is finished with a new Natural water based Matt lacquer, showing the organic qualities of every piece. Check the specifications

Lego Minifigures Display small Frame  parts 3D

Less is more

Created to ensure a perfect space to house any kind of Lego Minifigures and accessories in a light and compact wood frame. It also offers the best protection for your collections, specially designed for you. Why have to deal with a bulky object when you can have it all in a light way?

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