77 Lego Minifigures Black frame display
The  ultimate solution to your Lego minifigures.
Show them in an organized way and keep them safe and dust free.
It can hold 77 Lego minifigures



***Minifigures not included***


Lego Minifigure Display Case / Frame
Display your figures in style, keep them safe and dust free behind plexiglass.

  • The backboard is supplied with genuine Lego bricks bonded securely to it as shown.
  • The frames are brand new, they are made from MDF and are finished to high standard in satin black.
  • This handmade Lego Minifigure Display Frame/Case can hold 77 minifigures. 
  • They measure 50 x 50 cm externally and are 4,5 cm deep, which is ideal to house any standard lego minifigure with accessories.
  • It comes with a system for hanging but can also be use free standing.
  • All regular sized minifigures can fit into this frame, and also some of the taller ones (the minifig-Marge Simpsons fits). Unfortunately some of the minifigs with tails (like Medusa) do not fit. 

It comes with a  plexiglass front to keep your figures dust free, this can be removed if desired for easier access to your Lego Minifigures or swap them around when you fancy a change.

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