Lego Minifigures Display Frame Black  for Lego Minifigures (Outlet)

Black Display Frame for Lego Minifigures (Outlet)

with HR Background


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Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

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  • This is an Outlet product.
  • This frame is brand new, but it’s a product that we sell with a special condition price.
  • This means that the frame can present some imperfections in its finishes. These imperfections, like variations in color and textures could be perceptible in the front or in the back parts, but in some case may not be visible.

The ultimate solution to your Lego minifigures. Show them in an organized way and keep them safe and dust free.


***Minifigures not included***


Brand new Minifigures Display Case / Frame with HR Background
Display your figures with style, keep them safe and dust free behind plexiglass.

  • Handmade product (this is not an Ikea Ribba frame) They measure 52 x 52 cm externally and are 5 cm deep. The inner depth is 3,7 cm. which is ideal to house all your Lego minifigures with accessories.
  • The backboard is supplied with genuine Lego bricks bonded securely to it as shown.
  • This new Backboard is made of Forex PVC with 2 mm. thickness, a lighter material with a high resistance and durability, and a smooth matte surface, very easy to clean.
  • These Outlet frames are brand new, they are made from Pine wood and can present little imperfections in its finishes.
  • This handmade Minifigure Display Frame/Case can hold 112 Minifigures
  • It comes with a system for hanging but can also be use free standing.
  • All the minifigures can fit into this frame, even the special ones like Medusa, Ariel, Marge Simpson…

It comes with a plexiglass front to keep your figures dust free. This sheet can be removed if desired for easier access to your Lego Minifigures or swap them around when you fancy a change.

Handmade frame

  • This is a handmade product. It’s made in New Zealand pine original wood.
  • Wood is a natural product. All kind of irregularities or variation on color and texture do not affect its quality nor its design.
  • The wood can contain some knots due to its organic qualities, that can be revealed in the frame. These particularities make every frame unique.
  • The back side may not have the same quality finish than the front side.


The brand new Lego Minifigures Fram


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We really take care about packing carefully all of our products. Every frame we send, has corners reinforcement, is protected with bubble plastic and carefully fitted in a size customized box.


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Our display frames are made to order, using selected wood, light materials and high resistance Forex backgrounds. The final result is a unique product that combines finest craftsmanship and state-of-the-art material technology. Lead times are for your guidance and can be subject to change.


Carefully handmade in Barcelona. Sent from Spain.

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