Magnet Pin for Lego® Minifigure

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Lego Minifigures Magnet Pin

The Magnet Pin for Lego® Minifigures is created and designed to fix your Minifigures in a fridge, shelves, stairs, radiators and any metalic surface.


Due to its powerfull magnet you can hold your favorite Minifigures, hold papers and notes with them, and decorate your fridge with your collections.


The magnet pin fits perfectly on the leg holes of each Lego® Minifigure.


  • White PVC body for a neutral appearance on any surface.

  • Powerfull neodymium magnet inside the Magnet Pin.

  • Galvanized steel barrette

  • Tapered head for easy insertion on the Lego® Minifigure

  • Minifigures not included

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