Designed by minifiguresDISPLAY in Barcelona


All your Lego Minifigures will have the best place to be shown.
We’ve designed a completely new display to improve its performances.

+ 40% lighter
can house any minifigure
3,7 cm depht

how it’s made

With a stunning new finish, lighter, deeper and safer. Because collectors deserve the best for the best. And we know what's important.

High Quality
finished MDF

Made with pine wood medium density fiberboard, assembled with the best techniques to get an extraordinary smooth surface, and fine matte finished in two lacquer colors: white and black.

Built with original Lego bricks

All of our dislpays are entirely built with original bricks, so every collector can house every single minifigure with safety. The brick-based modulated layout also provides a lot of creative possibilities.

High resistant plexiglass front

The new front panel is stronger and more flexible than plain glass. Also it helps to reduce significantly the total weight of the product which means that is safer to be wall hanged, and easier to be handle it.

The Benefits

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Light weight

This new display  is 40% lighter than our previous version. With this new feature is easier to manipulate and safer to be wall mounted.

Two colors

With a brand new super smooth surface and lacquer finish in two matte colors: black and white.

Configurable layout

You can configure the display to house all your collection. We offer 3 options: 77 bricks, 105 bricks and a special collector edition with 112 bricks.

100% Lego Minifigures compatible

Now you can house any type of Lego minifigures and its accessories, thank to the 3,7 cm. frame depth. Even the special ones like Medusa or Ariel.

Built with original Lego bricks

The layouts are built with original Lego bricks, so you can arrange your Lego Minifigures or other bricks with safety.

New wall hanger

Includes fixed support to be wall hanged, with a new multi-stabilization system to get it aligned in an easy way.

Our Collection

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105 Minifigures Frame



Watch Bracelet

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Watch Original

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Watch Soprts Edition

Water proof and Fitness tracking



The Frame

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Lego Minifigures

Display Frame

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