Lego Face Mask by ArtyMask


We are glad to share with you that ArtyMask, who offers custom Face Masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, has commissioned to Minifigures Display several Face Mask Designs with Lego thematical.

We are happy to announce these products, sold by ArtyMask with our designs. They have kids and adults models and sizes. Worldwide shipping.

Here a quick view of some Lego Face Masks:

Lego Face Mask by Minifigures Display



Detailed information about ArtyMask Face Masks

Handmade with high quality breathable organic fabric.


Help prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 using this mask for personal use. Protect your environment of the risk of contagion.


Custom Face Mask


Fabric Face Mask washable and reusable with 3 layers of breathable high quality quilted fabric. Useful for personal protection against dust and pollution.

Each day more and more people use face masks to protect themselves from dust, pollution or contagion and to securely play sport or go biking. In many countries its use is something usual while walking streets. At ArtyMask we want you to include these accessories in your daylife style, choosing the design that better fits your personality. These masks are easily washable and you can combine them to always have clean face masks or change your style to match your outfit. Your personal protection with the best style.

*Thanks to personal use of fabric face masks, we contribute to leave available stock of disposable medical face masks for health professionals.


Handmade products with ecological processes and materials

In order to respect the environment, all our fabrics are organic and are printed using water-based inks, without solvents or a chemical component. Through our design transfer process using heat, we achieve the desired shades, avoiding the risks and contamination of other types of techniques, in which there is an excess of residual water, contaminating the ecosystem with chemical residues.


Link with detailed information about ArtyMask Face Masks.