Minifigure Flying Bracket MFB-TA31

Minifigure Flying Bracket MFB-TA31

Make your Lego® Minifigures fly with this flight bracket. Attaches to all Lego® Minifigures that need to fly and is adjustable. Minifig Flight Bracket MFB-TA31 (Trans-Clear)   Brand:  Si-Dan Toys ***Minifigures not included***... Learn More



Display Box for Lego Minifigure (4x4) - FaBiOX

The Display Box for Lego Minifigures is made of transparent, impact-proof plastic and are equipped with round studs on which you can place your figures making them bound and stable... Learn More


Frame for Lego® Monsters Series 14 Minifigures

The ultimate solution to your Lego® Monsters series 14 - 71010 minifigures collection.Show them in an organized way and keep them safe and dust free.It can hold 16 Lego® Monsters... Learn More


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