Minifigure Flying Bracket MFB-TA31

Minifigure Flying Bracket MFB-TA31

Make your Lego® Minifigures fly with this flight bracket. Attaches to all Lego® Minifigures that need to fly and is adjustable. Minifig Flight Bracket MFB-TA31 (Trans-Clear)   Brand:  Si-Dan Toys ***Minifigures not included***... Learn More



Display Box for Lego Minifigure (4x4) - FaBiOX

The Display Box for Lego Minifigures is made of transparent, impact-proof plastic and are equipped with round studs on which you can place your figures making them bound and stable... Learn More


Frame for LEGO DFB German Football Team Minifigures

The ultimate solution to your DFB German Football Team Lego® Minifigures 71014 collection.Show them in an organized way and keep them safe and dust free.It can hold 16  DFB German... Learn More


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