Minifigures Display Patent

Made to order

All of our Display Frames are entirely made in Barcelona.
They're only made to order and some parts are completely handcrafted.
That's why there's a production time to make every product since you place your order.
This is the process of manufacturing for an entire Display Frame:


The frames are manufactured using our "MDunibody 4.0" solid wood mouldings. This component has been developed by MD Design Team in 2020. The wood is FSC certified.


A moulding is cutted according our specifications, making four parts, that are assembled with hidden special staples. The corners are finshed by hand to get a strong framework.


Once the frame has been assembled, is finished with a new Natural water based Matt lacquer, that shows the organic qualities of every piece.


The plexiglass front panel and the HR backing board are fixed with specific types of HR metallic clips for each purpose.
The assembly of every frame is checked and verified to match our quality standards.

Lego® bricks

Meanwhile, we order the only components of our products that are made in Denmark. The inverted slope original Lego® bricks are made to order for our company in lots of 999 bricks, and take a few weeks to arrive to Barcelona.

HR Background

To produce our plain HR backgrounds, we use a Forex PVC plate.
Our Large Printed Backgrounds are produced by an external partner company. They're made in 3 mm. thickness Forex PVC, and are printed in color with UV ink fixed by the action of UV light, obtaining intense and live colors. This component take a few weeks to be completed and delivered to our warehouse.

Brick assembly

Using a specific stencil for each template (77, 105, 112...) the Lego® bricks are attached to the background with Scotch® 3M® gel glue. The "MDstencil 2.0" was originally developed by Minifigures Display in 2014. This process is completely handcrafted, and it takes around 10 minutes on average to complete the assembly of each background.

Final assembly

Once all the components are finished, we proceed to assembly the backround to the frame. The finished Display Frame is prepared to be packed.

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