Instructions and Safety Warnings


  • Carefully open the metallic clips, with the fingers or with a letter opener. Do not use improper tools or you could damage it.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: To put a Minifigure you always have to hold every brick before applying pressure. If you press the Minifigure without holding the brick, it could detach from the background and damage it.
  • Remember to remove the 2 protective films from plexiglass sheet, to fully enjoy the transparent front





This product is handcrafted in solid wood and it's FSC certified.

Wood is a natural product. All kind of irregularities or variation on color and texture do not affect its quality nor its design.

The wood can contain some knots, veins or wood grain that can be revealed in the frame.

These particularities make every frame unique.

The wood grain can be different in every side of the frame due to the organic qualities of the natural solid wood.

The handcrafted processes in the assembly offers a natural look, and there could be some differences between the corners assembly.

The water based matt lacquer painting let the wood grain and pores visible, showing the natural surface of the solid wood in every frame. This is more visible in the white frames.

The back side and inside may not have the same quality finish that the front side.



All of our Display Frames are made to order and they are entirely handcrafted in Barcelona.

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